Flower Crown

Marcel loves reading his books while laying on fresh grass, and Emily likes making him flower crowns with yellow flowers to match his yellow hair.

Secret Adventure

The boy having escaped his teacher’s vigilant eyes, has taken refuge in the rose garden, and is gloating at giving her the slip.

Cooking Up A Storm

Astor : MORE WINE!!!!!

The Stone Soldier

Centuries ago, The Corinian civilization had built monuments to honour their Kings. A few ruins still linger. This particular sculpture was among the ruins of the great castle at Cadriel. A statue of a hooded soldier smirking at his sword.

Something Happened Here

A still room, an eerie presence. What would the walls say if they could speak?
This is a piece of Concept art for a Visual Novel Game I had thought of last year.

Astor Looking Gloomy

A Greyscale sketch, to practice with values and shapes. Astor Redmond (from Covert Operations) looks on with a somber expression.

The Laboratory

This painting was a concept of my characters before the storyline for Covert Operations was fully detailed. Dr. Redmond (middle) with Inspector Irving (right) and the Doctor’s winged test subject ,Terner (left) looking suspiciously at each other while standing in the Doctor’s Lab.


Dawn filters in through the windows to cast his apathy in light
This is the Redraw of a Screencapture of Black Butler. I thought it would be fun to take a flat anime drawing, and make it into a more realistic 3 Dimentionally rendered image.


Erart (from my comic Resplendent) gazes up at the sun, as a gentle breeze blows across his face. There is innocence in this moment that is left behind when the prince is in the battlefield.


A dark, ambient piece of Dr. Astor Redmond (from my Comic, Covert Operations) , performing a medical procedure on a patient, while Inspector Irving observes.

Sunny Day

Inspector Marcel Irving (From my comic, Covert Operations) enjoying a relaxing off-day in the park on a Picnic Blanket. Even Homicide detectives deserve a break once in a while